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Testo Nick Jr.

I paid a lotta money for that
Fuck around, man, I got Chase and So on the beat

Five thousand for this pound plus Scottie I'ma blow it down, ayy
Don't be lackin' shorty, ayy
Bitch it's crackin' shorty, pop outside better have your Glock, ayy
It's that time, better watch your watch, ayy
It ain't no lackin', boy, your life will stop, ayy
Get yo ass cooked, Crock-Pot, ayy
We outside on a hot block
Lil folks see them guys then them Glocks pop
Get yo ass smoked, nigga, hot pot
Give lil folks a bag they gon' opp shop
Holes in yo body just like Spongebob
Ion even wanna rap, I wanna rob
I been in the field, never had a job
That lil bitch she bad, told her come and slob
Told her quit her job, come and work for me
She gon' catch the bag, make it surf for me
Last week I hit stain for like forty bowls
Ran it up quick, I need forty more

Lambo barkin' like a Scooby-Doo
Still pickin' hoes like I'm Pikachu
Wrist on scuba-scu, you niggas don't know who to shoot
In the foreign, I feel like iRobot, Ion trust nobody
Ridin' with the doors up, foenem pourin' fours up
Niggas straight Looney Tunes
Niggas rappin' like they been a goon
Still chasin' the opps like Tom chase Jerry
You rappers is like some real Tyler Perrys
New 911, blueberry
But you know the shoes dirty
We been racin' since like two thirty
Summer time don't get yo ass in a dead pool, shorty