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Testo Yada Yada

Aye, All ya'll talkin' shit yo yo yo yo yo
Don't play with me I ain't no toy toy toy toy toy
I ain't no boy, I'm a man
Bitch you know I got bands
Disrespect me you gon' get these hands
Please smack the fuck bitch
Please stomp a nigga out
Please just slide, One blunt and a nigga out
I ain't no Xbox so stop that playin'
Before I smack your ass, You get the back of my hand
Bitches think I'm a game, I ain't no ps3 I ain't no fucking lame
Better stay in your lane 'fore I smack your ass with the back of this kane

Tadoe, You gotta stop all that crazy shit you been doin' man for real man

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yada yada yada yada yada
I ain't with none of that acting shit lil' nigga i'mma fucking pop ya
Send yo ass to the doctor
All that acting you need an Oscar
Ya'll niggas got sons and we are y'all niggas fathers
Didn't mean to be a dead beat
Sneak diss get yo ass beat
We could pull up on the backstreet
Shooters out who fighting
Lil' nigga talkin' guns but run around with a knife
Shootout with the sprite
Niggas tryna take my life
Nigga tryna earn stripes
Nigga better think twice
Better think right
Better not think wrong (Don't think wrong)
Yo ass think left, Send yo ass home
We could get it on
Smoking on the strong
Whole team strong
Lost three soldiers but still gettin' it on (Go)