Hallow Man Testo

Testo Hallow Man

Maybe it's just magic, maybe it's just wisdom
And you can see the moral, but you see contradiction
And you just buy the cameras, never see the candids
You just see the bandits, the building is abandoned
And you just seek a man so you won't fall
But I say it's fallen and we feel so small
And we can see this world build this case against Him
At worst he's a liar, at best he's a mystery
But did you see a martyr? Did you witness murder?
Didn't we all start it? Didn't we deserve it?
Tell me what's living when your death can't hurt you
When love brings shame and pain becomes virtue
This is long-ranged chivalry, open open doors to forever
I'm hoping for forever
Long live the Hallow Man, Hallow Man
Lionheart, blinding heart
Promise I'm gon' see you at the end
I see you when we mount of wings with eagles
And get carried by the wind
Told us you gon' carry us again
When it's just more than rose from concrete
It's gold in the concrete, soul from the Isleys
The soul in the body come alive for the very first time
The water turns to wine, the water turns fine
Said I'm just telling stories, this is just an urban legend
This is my philosophy, but I got all the questions
[?] circumstance, fall in love with clergy
The scroll spoke to me, said there's only one worthy
It's well welled eyes, knees tremble on the pavement
Not much that I can say but I can say that I'm persuaded
So what's another artist just tryna sell you songs
If I don't shed no tears from that 23rd Psalm
This will make the song cry
Remember titans from the strong side
I was fighting for the wrong side, this is the reward
I don't need the world's ears I just need yours
Was fighting for the wrong side, this is the reward
I don't need the world's ears I just need yours

I think the 98' Chris is back to scribbling chicken scratch
I'm a songbird that loves its cage, you'll just have to live with that
Still a gang of good memories, my old neighborhood misses me
In my dreams then I wake with you could say a new energy
Let me give some of that to you, yo it's been a long year
Just remember we're passing through, we never belonged here
Stay with the winner, I'm just tryna be strong here
I'm chasing these Scriptures while I'm erasing these pictures
And me and Cristy we making it, people think we be faking it
That's cool, deception's all about the tools you can face it with
I still wrestle with demons, still protected by angels
To be or not to be the choice I left on the table
You don't mess with the labels, cause you see what I deal with
Take the I out of this [?] and suggest that I'm able
Don't wear your heart on your sleeve
Don't bid on the lie that I bough
Let so-ons be so-ons, let bygones be byes gone
From C.S. to G. Craig Lewis
Cut them with a knife, you'll see red fluid
My whole point is we all just human
So I'm learning how to take orders when he says do it
Got that draw on [?] and B.J. on the mountaintop
It's bigger than music you got this album that's bout to drop
Their arms getting longer but they still don't know how to Bach
I'll be right there with you, I don't know to know stop

My eyes locked on the vanity's glass
You barely see the image, look the fairest has a blemish
The witches out for blood like the fairest is a menace
They got you looking back tryna cherish this as art
But the marriage is a farce, you just married to the chemist
You wishing you was breaking bad but barely breaking even
In the basement with your [?] cooking up some evil
Then dress it up as [?] and give it to the people
It's no more metaphors, it's not just for the conscious rhymes
It's for my conscience, I swore I wouldn't compromise
When we was kids we used to pray before we'd write
I really miss the balance of childish and childlike
All we ever wanted was to let the Spirit lead
At the end of our performance we would end up on our knees
Singing first things first, like we knew who had supremacy
More than just some chemistry and far from all this timid speech
More like that old Winans harmony
Jesus in our lungs so we can worship at the Carnegie
We can worship like we saw the Lamb before us
All time would stop and we just caught up in the chorus
With the angels and the witnesses that whisper from the clouds
I scribble down the scriptures turn the Scriptures into sounds
Turn these pictures into words, the depictions into nouns
A strip search of my motives, broken cisterns hit the ground
This ain't nostalgia what you hearing is progression
The kind wields the weapon, it's the spear or it's the scepter
We ain't never left him, we holding up the lighters
It's not just Leonidas it's the pen of ready writers
I can hear the questions, they think we losing focus
"Hey what's that instrumental?" "Yo what's that School of Roses?"
We'll never be afraid, we solicit all your prayers
Cause you ain't seen the half, just promise you ain't scared