In.Secure Testo

Testo In.Secure

It's never been greed, it's never been pleasure
We never agree, were we ever together
Don't want to be seen with you it's gotten too ugly
Still we're here alone, cause I wanted company
Yo I wanted comfort
I wanted the same just like anyone wants it
And is it so strange, let's try to limit assumptions
Now let's get this all out
Look I ain't pulling no punches, matter of fact if it's real
You'll bring those bullets and gunships
I'm ready to hash it
Downhill faster we can brace for them crashes
You abrasive and passive
Imprison my senses like braces and glasses
Ain't no greatness in average, let's just face it it happens
Too big for them britches
It's wishes and passions
Then it's stitches and Advil
So I push you away
Can't have you too close
But then I want you back, yo I be doing the most
But that's just life with a team
I'm living it now
I miss life with a team
I can just follow the crowd
Feel like I follow you around
Until I meet you in Hell
Or maybe I'm just running from you, can't really tell
Look you got to my heart
For whatever it's worth
For better or worse, I'd rather settle this first
This is me moving on
I did it myself
I keep moving back, It's like I'm kidding myself

So why are you still here
What can you do for me
I told you to go
I wish this was new for me
I step to the door when I reach for you
It's harder to choose for me
But I swore I saw you looking backwards
I swore I saw you looking backwards
And those were some really good times
We had some really good times
I thought that I could let it go
I thought that I was ready for it
See the edge and I'm headed for it
But it's too late for me to let abroad it
But I'm better for it
Someone tell me that I'm better for it

I swore I saw you looking backwards (x3)
But i'm better for it
Someone tell me that I'm better for it