Hollow Man Testo

Testo Hollow Man

Sometimes I imagine
My version of the image
Where I don't need the answers
And I don't need permission
I can see the ultraviolet spectrum split the light inside the prism
And I can see my life without the laws inside the system
I can feel it tugging on my arms
Till I'm shrugging then I'm gone
Don't understand why I ain't do this all along
Look I knew this all along, still I let you tell me lies
I knew that I was better off wearing this disguise
Look, see I just need my fashion sense
I just need my cash advance
What I look like keep on taking orders from a pacifist?
I got all my homies, now I just need the Judas
I just need a jeweler
Arm candy, Mila Kunis
And this is just reflection, I swear I keep it real
These dreams turn to nightmares
You wake up Meek Mill
And this is just reflection, this is just perspective
This is just me working, through the wreckage
Said this is just me working through the wreckage