Iz Wateva Testo

Testo Iz Wateva

I Hurd Dat You Want Beef With Me But Dis Aint What You Want Ta See Got Hands Got Tools N Plus We Deep Fam On Deck Better Yet T.C.

[Verse 1: Pooh]
Pooh On De Mufukin Track T.C. Missez N Dis Bitch Aint No Rip In T.C. Missez Cause We Got Rid Of da Hoe N Her Name Go By Lil Honey N She Got A Deep Throat N She Hop On Niggas Dick Like She On A Pogo Stick Trigga Told Me Dat Cha ooooo Stank Man Dat Hoe There Got Some Stanky Shit All Dat Popin Aint Gon Get I Just Cuz You Moved To Duluth Bitch Im Quick Ta Grab Da Tool You Must Didnt No MMy Name Be Pooh Put Da Millimeter Ta Ya Back N Bitch Im Bout Ta Blast Honey Tell Me How It Felt When Trigga Tea Bag Yo Ass

[Verse 2: Missy]
Stupid Ass Bri You Dont No Me Popin On Da Net Dat Aint Where Its At Fuckin With Da Mssez Dat Ill Get Yo Hurt Nuthin But Some Rip Tried Ta Fuuck Murk Ole Stupid Ass Lame Ass Hoe What Da Fuck Is Dem Trill Gurlz Its Lil Missy N Dis Bitch N You Hoes Cant Fuck With Me I See Why Dey Call You Honey You Look Like A Bummble Bee N Dat Hoe Dat Dey Call Cream Stupid Bitch You Get Erased Keep On Popin At The Mouth I Put Some Bullets In Yo Face T.C. Missez Takin Ova We On Deck Off I This Bitch If we Catch You IN The Street We Gon Release Da Whole Clip


[Verse 3: Lady]
Lady Bug Mad As Fuch=k So You Kno Im Leting Ana Go Jump If You Crunk But We Got Pumps Like At Amaco Man Yall No Who Dis Is Man Dis Lady Man Fuck Yal Hoes Run When Dem Cannons Blow Cuz Dey Rush After Yal Cream You's A Hoe Cuz You Wasnt Buckin A The Mall Bri was Scary After All Honey She Can Get It To Claim You Bout Dat Money Cream But Money You aint Getin To Thought Trigga was Diggin You But He Tried Tu Like A Freak Wana Knuck Den Try Yo Luck N Get Fucked Up Just Like Yo Teeth

[Verse 4: Lucky]
Lucky Off In Dis Bitch Fuck All Yall Hoes Fuck DTG Honey Yo Some Rip N Its A Must I Bust Yo Bubble Out Ima Make It Known Trigga Fucked You At Young Trouble House Tell Me What Da Fust About You No You Aint Got No Chance Betta Watch Your Fuckin Mouth Cuz You Kno You Aint Got No Hands Talkin Bout Chu Got A Man Bitch You Just A Groupie Hoe I Remember Dey was Finna G You At Da Studio Stupid Hoe Buckin But Cha Betta Put A End Ta Dat Bre Ya Bet Friend But Chu Met Her On Da Internet