We Makin Moves Testo

Testo We Makin Moves

Bitch u thank u buckin bitch u thank u real swear 4 god dat chu's a goon but we kno jus who u is stop da buckin hoe cause dat shyt chu do ain't cool I rep who tc missez ben da move... we makin moves an dis bitch we makin moves... we makin moves in dis bitch we makin moves... we makin moves in dis bitch we makin moves... we makin moves in dis bitch we makin moves

[Verse 1: Redd]
First on da trak so it's time ta get cha weight up bitch one hit wonda u can gon n' pick ya face up bitch been popin 4 a minute time ta throw ya hands up if u want it u can get it bitch u scary man up the fo dope you can whip me with a fork bitch fuckin with da team I'll get cha pussy ass off quick say u da movement but cheen movin shyt hoe u's a acta play yo part dis ain't no movie bitch

[Verse 2: Keekee]
Hell na bitch u got da nerve ta beef with us claim u psyco I'm a show u dat we dangerous if u bukin den u kno we bout dat action hoe dis ain't no secret hurd da song so wats hannin hoe have a seat or get left cause it's da movement our pedal 2 metal while yo move jus crusin so you solo subtract one now ders no hoe claimin u da move but tc missez still got mo doe


[verse 3: Tammie]
Yeeea I hear u tawkin bitch u bout dat popin claim you da move but da missez move without cha u say u bout dat action u must be on dat flex game claimin u got money best belive we kno dat check came... shhh haha who u testin me on hush mouth na bitch u must be flexin if yen repin tc den yen repin shyt put cha rap game up tyme 4 u a call it quits

[verse 4: Lucky]
Ay so official but dissmissed ya I jus though I thought I let chu kno I'm da centa of attention so sit back and watch me hoe ya solo dolo bitch check da logo my nigga three made up so I'm a take it back hoe claimin u be buckin but we kno u ain't gon win got dat ass beat once bofo and I'll drag yo ass again oh you's a certified goon but cho ass still got a curfew stand on my left yen mufuckin right hoe