Amorphous Testo

Testo Amorphous

Why they stuck around
Look at my generation, nigga what a shame
Stuck inside of the molly poppin’
Fume us extra content, we need to stop it
Instead of profits, we stuck with loss man
Instead of conscious, we stuck with nonsense
Remember them times, when they still be livin’ lies
Me and AK changing lives
Since we wasn’t in our primes
But our truth to the skies, before the co-shine
Holding on mine, we plottin’ on a rise
Tenacious with the crime, my vision super lies
Savior in the skies, I’m reading through signs
No waivers can demise
We savin’ niggas lives
We teachin’ them to shine
Soldier alike, now they all fall in line
Make up your mind, or get lost in the time
They can chill with pom poms
We the cream of the crop
Tell the heathen drop dom when they speakin’ to the god
Never gonna need an O-9
Even that night, Issa got the clearance in sight
We ahead in the fight, while they’re tossing their knives
I get lost in the mic, ‘til the show we go right
Fuck the stripe shit, my nation’s massive
Fill with passion, I paint the canvas
Niggas tragic, while we droppin’ classics
I’m goin’ savage, while more gets damaged
Started from a seed, see how awesome we blossom
Cause we go hard [?]

[Hook: Portugal. The Man]
When I get up
The sun goes down
If I never get it
Then it’ll come back around
All along [?]