Ethereal Testo

Testo Ethereal

Came up nigga no elevators, elevatin' haters with a pen and paper
Need to save up for some respirators cuz these niggas hearts filled with hatin'
I'm the latest but they run from Satan, fucked cause slaves to paper but they never wake up
Demon faces powdered up with makeup only want the cake and I'm supposed to take her
Represent for the new age message trying to give my generation some leverage
Been a member of the dark remember? The fall of my soul that's my November, raise up into the light
It's only right that I lead the fight I'm the sun up after the night, givin' insight to resurrect lives
Elixir sips, my nigga take a hit your soul paper thin my soul extra thick I'm on my ancient shit you can't pay for this, No genie in a bottle but i get my wish Uh
Started from the bottom with no pot to piss now my generation love me and my conscious shit, bull doze your prius
No stoppin' this, weak niggas call it cocky but it's confidence

Til the day I rest I'm a beast like the Lockness, the best low-key
That's me young profit, spit bomb flows torpedo drop if your needle drop better say I'm hot, how many mother fuckers want wanna be at the top, no effort no treasure nigga simple as that been through a lot so I fill a clip til stop, tilt through the spot cause I been to Hell in a pot, Silly mother fuckers think they runnin' shit killin' New York
Talk you're all soft pawns because your homies split, in the heap of battle won't matter if your soul platinum, only thing that matters:
Your knowledge of all tactics, this is the Gaza real dread like Rasta
Execute a nigga talking shit mi casa could of lost my life to the village monster but my spirit just conquers everything I encounter
Mother fucker, head is blown now each day, now they burned out because I earn from each race could of turned out on a jail route E-zay, but I stepped out the shade like a blunt watch me blaze, UA the
Great get your sin washed away, tip top shape give me zip locks of paint, if you don't bake nigga pour up a drink, live and have fun nigga come to your dreams

Roll up a proper spliff an sittin' hot as shit dedicating every blood to my prominence, remain anonymous, [???] about a bottomless pit
And now we floatin' in the mist, make the mist turn into monsoons
Pay the price and now we all colossal, paint Picasso with a pencil hostel, OG smoke engulfed in my nostrils, make a toast so what we boast, we living lives it don't take to know, we designed our hope
Bet inside it sold, that's a rob in the coast like we riddin' a boat
Flatbush burnin' backwards attack group bring a platoon to blast you bring your mans too, bring it back up we masters better act cool turn the assholes and clap you and you damn fools

Escape to a place of peace when the the drills blow
Happiness and love be the key to the real goal
Master in a game of life with no cheat codes
Told her no teeth and see she went beast mode
Hit her over stones at night and find my deep soul
Hit the bong, a lobby, gone alifinito, Incognito
Hitter better reload
Everything you learn let it burn in the weed smoke
Inner light shinning like a diamond, hard to stick around
Enter in the game perfect timin' here to take you out
Here to make my momma proud, Livid when I knock em down
Spirit here to claim the crown AK be the golden child
Course they gon hate when they see you doin' great
Better start with yourself if you want to see change
Wanna see fame but don't even know the game
Try to restrain but I can't be changed
I ain't got shit for a dumb grown nigga
I'm speaking to the kids that alone don't give up
Ahead of your Biz young Lord don't deliver by the stars
Every inch go hard you a winner
Don't get lost in the matrix, minimum wages
Forced to the dark and be a criminal daily
Mental scars will make a nigga go crazy, trust your heart and join the Indigo Navy