Quiescent Testo

Testo Quiescent

Looking through one eye to my suprise, the other two see nothing more than an ignorant disguise
Show the clarity and sanity from young nigga, free mind
I create and redesign while they keep they souls inline
The living Christ has arised to lead the Gods from demise
Ain't no more suicides
I recline inside my lazy boy, floatin' kinda hazy dawg
She's still dressed, take it off for preparation intercourse
Demon child I payed the cost never stayed in one lane
Switching up through philosophies, elevating my brain
Because religious hypocrisies will make a nigga insane
I ain't an idiot my nigga they all preaching the same
I'm the reincarnation of a king long gone
Gods songs hidden in verses written out by the lord
Holocaust, burnin' up all these rappers nigga Napalm
Hit a bong get involved, they stop it til we evolve

Lawd, reminiscent when I throw the piff in, hopeless wishin'
My soul imprisoned by this bogus system
Try to follow the school tradition, but something was truly missing til a nigga popped a tab and captured a true religion Uh
Free spirit and light bearer and peace in mirror flow, Beast
No spear in em' and just feast put fear in em' always showed I got it, you busy talkin' about it, route it now that
I be transforming lyrics into gold like alchemy Uh
And when in doubt, fuck it I blow the loud put me on a cloud, brainstormin' about my reign of power they crowned him, picture your wishes your soul intentions and then you'll get a hold of senses and get your back off the fences, a winner, back to the center cause we like as some rational thinkers, blinded by them diamonds
But they ain't gon leave your body with ya, them shoes will probably fit cha cause they chain us mentally, but not this golden entity
The truth be shown eventually

Came up from the bottom my submarine move full throttle
Drinking the after bottle, Celebrate scream the motto
Raising up my profits but still counting them commas
They fiendin' before we drop em, we take our time nigga stop it
Keep up off they topics come sit up inside the cockpit
Control this shit in my pocket, it's nothing my niggas got this my dome's full when I'm rockin'
I put my heart then they cop it my soul move like a prophet that real rap that we hot spit, that special K Killimunati kickin' night, Ak on that kushy kite that Rosé got me pissing right, left these niggas feeling jaded, read lives, no respirators, peace signs, ? ? weak rhymes, I came creative watch em hate it, Spittin' for the children of Zion, Leo mighty Lion Sunchild be vibrant, glowin' from the ions we icons, Came up out the dark and now they fight on, smite dom' but unite dom'

Focus got the whole world seekin' knowledge we them prophets, subtopics see with your heart not your optics
My soul my compass in conflict, cop it and roll it
Headed to the top and I'm not demotin', try test the holy
Make you test the sky like a vessel, call me the Shepard Uh
Puffin on that Nebula, Mount Everest where I ended up
Pop LS on the terrace then I tare it up
Reemerge your link to the essence in every sentence
Sentence, witness the beheadin' niggas never use their melon