Metropolis Testo

Testo Metropolis

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
Death to the radio nigga this is where that saga ends
About the line of David like comics[?] of king Solomon
Spitting that kukukakak and nigga we ain't coppin' it
Words it like currency, all my fans here with it profited[?]
Spit it it's prosperous
UA no stoppin' this
Get in my way, my third eye aimed like I'm cocking it
Stay in your lane, the words I say move them continents
Issa the [???] hot flame-molten lava shit
All these fucking rappers acting actors don't know how to act
Pull they cards, they cards were blank, I'm acing all these royal tracks
Putting kings up on the map
I'm matching Queens with all my Jacks
Laughing[?] from a peasant to an empire aristocrat

[Chorus: Issa Gold]
Build the Metropolis call it indigo providence(x2)

[verse 2: AK]
Consciousness creation, a nigga had to come to a realization
Use to go to church til' I found my place
Been up in this world and it can create to unfurl
It's human nature to pursue this paper
Gain all the knowledge but just hoping To make us
So i leave the impoverished
Cuz they struggle the hardest, and I came from the same place
Stuck in the darkness
Don't fight the voices within
We all know right from wrong we ain't kids
I'm rooting for the light and fighting til' the end
And my insight heighten minds like 8 strands[?] uh
Like to tell you you ain't nothin' of value, try to compel you
From the wisdom inside you
Hit the rebel[?] and if you ever decide to
Wee wee mutha fucka let me guide you uh
Kill me with the flow, what's the young indigo[?]
We rush around the globe, love potion in your [?]
Blow dro til' overdose still focus on my goals
Promote and go to shows I'm chosen I suppose
Spit[?] straight facts to [?]
Home when I'm [?] way back to this home of mine
Throne need ahold of me, couple eternity's pass
When your memory back then I take what I own

[Chorus: Issa Gold]

[Verse 3: Issa Gold]
Sent to twist[?] im making moves
Chasing the cool breaking the rules
Animals can't bang with you I'm floatin' like an angel, fool
Sour tokes you lost that hope, I'll make a fucking man of you
Your remote, control your zone that's why you ain't a fan of you
Took it, Loca, leave the show
Lieutenant to Indigo
Don't fuck with no hoes she on the low you need to let it go
Tokeing all my smoke I'm blowing oh she choking-choking though
Gold up on my soul like my cologne
You know that's medical
Praise to the [???]
Bow down like the Peasant folks
The holy [???] lead the truth like we in a moat[?]
Floatin' I'm on your coast bout to go kill another show
Blowing that killer dro when the [???] centerfold

[Chorus: Issa Gold]

[Verse 4: AK]
Back on my shit again, sour spliff probably sippin' Hen
Can't win just sittin' there homie get up and grow a pair uh
Came up from the gutter like I'm next to [?]
But still know that my soul worth more than gold
I smoke O's til' my limit then I'm comatose but don't test your [???]
Nigga play your role uh
Living in a dream but this shit is what it seem, my team rank supreme
We steam packs of green, Juice got the dro with wax who got the lean
Stoned like Jerome [???]
Killing this shit nigga follow my lead dream free mother fucking nigga looked what
I reached, not peaked but I hover over nigga like [???]
Like [???] like [???] I'm a legend my G

[Chorus: Issa Gold]