Naughty Elegy Testo

Testo Naughty Elegy

["This elegy talks about conflicts assaulting our minds, taking all reasonable possibilities away. You always ask yourself if daring is worth it, forgetting that risks are measured by how successful it turns out to be. It is about running away by seeking the illusion of pleasure. It is a plea for help, when rage and fear collide. A recognition of your nightmares in one's beloved face".]

distressful decisions take charge of thee
the ones who deny to dare and measure the risk
passive suicide fight for the dimmest kind
praising to pleasure, immunizing my mind

I embraced so many oceans
I defeated darker storms
I have scorned your beliefs
I wilt not live through this

nourished by lies, chains that vindicate
thou took back on what was consumate
hemispheres collide and mists refuse
to roam in the void is for the obtuse

bear the denial of the naugthy elegy
damn the unborn and adore who flee
you shall see that I dwell in a nightmare
red stained furious eyes unable to stare