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Testo Channel Warcloud

[Intro: Warcloud]
Speed takes lights, and them have enemies
Enemy back in the days, buryin' a fish in the house
Plant, buryin' a fish in the house, plant, yo
It's Channel Warcloud, Channel Warcloud, Channel Warcloud
It's Channel Warcloud, Channel Warcloud, Channel Warcloud

[Chorus: Warcloud]
Do not attempt to adjust ya radio
It's Channel Warcloud, muthafucka, I'm on now
Violent and disturbin' images, it's groovy
Like an old movie, stay fly like rough schools

The ghost of the bloody red Baron
Known for shootin' down planes in the sky over the west
I still terrorize the skies, cuz I'm the best
And Wu-Tang Clan will lay you all to rest
Drunk off the dastardly alcohol
And happily bring forth tragedy to academy
We juggle steamrollers, cannons built on a skyscraper
Mad voices, subject Warcloud, had a fly caper
Guns too big, granola truck and a gas masl
Chitty-chitty, bang-bang, better duck when my gats blast
Stack cash, rumble and crumble civilization
Battle when my battle sound drown you in shark water
Darts came to slaughter wit horror, you couldn't grab them
They don't have to pay for the deaths of any mad men
Warcloud, pay the Eolithic sterling revolvers
A frame work of uprights and cross pieces, the horror
Burst like radiance, war prophet like Gideon
Holy war gospel, ramble knife in tonsils
Ya live but ghost bloody and hostile, crack the tonsil
So let ya light apostle hit a body in my garage though
He's too swift, he's too nice like Christ
Who sent you on a mission back to the Arabian nights
Pop you wit my pistol, discipline was the doctrine
Drop tractors on you like oxygen in my moccasins
Hang you from a fixture, slaughter in the mixture
Shit chilly on ya dog snapper picture, lunatic minister
Raps crack sinister, throw ya head in the shredder
Cyber crime letters, still stackin' my bloody cheddar
Welcome to the funk house, pinball, you age
While I gun rappers down in arcades, crumble the page

[Chorus x2]

I put full cans of pop in a pillowcase wit my roller-skates
And knock the champs teeth down over to the next street
Crook neck, croon playin' croquet wit the crooked
Move 'cross country wit a crucifix and a crossword
Cookie crossbones in my license plate, never lost this
I bust open ya head and sow it up wit a cross-stitch
Left M.C.'s cross-eyed, make a right at the cross street
Just pass the crossroads, tuckin' a lot of cops heat
A crow landed on the crossbow, I'm cross paths
Stone steps red, sit cross-legged, the moth's back
Crummy crybabies, I'm crusaidin' wit cuckoo
My curriculum is consisted of crystals, you crustacean
And crumble like a cornbread, makin' ya listen glue
Rhyme gladiator, the miraculous Mr. Wu

[Chorus x2]

Channel Warcloud, live for the dart of all, it's archival
Knock off, guns pop off, you keep the heart to brawl
Shark 'em all, cards and pool, I'll loan you lumps son
Cheap spin lyrics that's drunk runt, we bump hunt
Diamonds in the spine of yours, you're livin' wit dinosaurs
Slash a chump ass punk fag and watch his neck burst
Bank heist in Paris, muthafucka, cuz my cassette curse
Vulture raps set hearse, Dodgers make the playoffs
Don't champ layoff, machines just might spray off
Warcloud bats like Babe Ruth, the errors
Catch like Yogi Berra, you doubt she Sister Shera
Better bring ya torches, green hummingbirds, black organs
Spiral velvet chain, I ferociously metamorphosis
Scrape the skull layers like cancer rights and fool you
Jagged bone do you, I'm cruel, the pain sooth you
Catch her by the smooth hounds, cool sounds, he's ale
Can't by the tails, it's pale fangs wit scales
Mermaids and belly dancers, neck romancers
We stalk like three headed panthers through the caverns
Wit all littered laterns, roarin' and carvin' patterns
Encountered by Gods, like Saturn, we leave 'em splattered
Heartless spark, caught the dark market, Venus vacation
We march into our father's spaceship, lookin' like cavemen
Luxury and ancient, ice planets and mammoths
Leave the world damaged, vanish and keep you stranded
Snow White dragon lives under a thirty mile sandpit
You saw me in Los Angeles, hunchback and bandages
Rhymin' biohazardous, heavy guns and scandalous
Fabulousy murderin' you cancerous ignoramuses
Sloth teach ya vessel, Warcloud's an intellectual
Transmutin' through ya jet, and swoop off into the celestial

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Warcloud]
Stay fly like rough schools
Stay fly like rough schools