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Testo Island Of Dr. Warcloud

[Intro: Warcloud]
You have now entered harsh realm
Island of Dr. Warcloud, Wu-Tang
Jiggy, jiggy, boom, boom, magena, magena, la, la

Welcome to my window the recipe for ice
a one room school where I murdered off poets twice
I brought two kegs one of beer and one of gun powder
red splattered count their organs I call it fun chowder
crank the music louder, miraculous how it rocks
I throw the whole crowd in a big three lock box
I'm smelling like a convertible man, I'm Micheal Myers what
crash into the gully and neck, I'll steal a firetruck
red twighlight, a vampire grin clever
The city on the edge of forever, his hand was severed
The antique shop is where I found a whale hook
He had a book on his book was how to cook
At my house we play out back, thats how I shattered shields
At my house we play out back, the dirty battlefield
This is the one thousandth raid of the ice pirate
A cloud of bats, war axes and maps, the skeletons
threw down heavy stones when you encoutered them
Up in the mountain, shotguns and acid fountain
and white dragons return from a hunt, but thats not all
The dusty footprints led up to a solid wall

[Chorus x2: Warcloud]
Island of Dr.Warcloud, journey, journey
Journey to spirit, Island, voyage, voyage
In the riddles of a time looking swell
In the riddles of a time looking swell

In thru the outdoor, up the down staircase
Wooden wood cutters, a pyramid made of pearl
You were left scolded where the ground became open
and the sky broke thunder that later shattered the world
Fear in the dark they hid deep in the silver weed
I crossed the upper-bridge, the lower-bridge was burning
I capture MC's like pollywogs, for real
A hunchback stood in the wind at the foot of the hill
The house reaks of death and dripping blood
the stench is like a breath from the tomb
Dirty monsoons, magena, magena, la, la
I stroll on emerald beach with black guns
Goo, goo, ga, ga
the queen once led us to prince, iron wires
Warcloud feathers, the war of the vampires
The chief rabbits depature, the crow and the beanfields
Slaughter rappers sloppily, starwars monopoly
Leave you all curled like dirty rash girl
eyes bugged out like red and white swirl
We use to chase yall niggas, no sleeves
We only thieves if thieves champagne in the breeze
believe Warcloud is sip a Coors now
Ghost children jumped on the bed three doors down


You still cant hit a curve ball
We play baseball at midnight drunk as fuck (HAHA)
Chicks in the bleachers, missle launcher in the truck
your ryhme style is sorry, the hypnotist Calagari
they roam the sky blue grasslands to shimmer narly
Theres black tigers with white stripes
I saw a taylors patch, might just mail her that
Seagull took a sailors hat
Glass eye piece, Geppetto, strombolli
Pirhanna face rappers, they call him Mar Mr. Sheephead
broken face losers I'll knock a hole in you fence mouth
Now they call you ragged tooth
slaughtered when my tents out, Uncle golf haven
my rhyme came in a fever dream
Only one survivor, you told your story to children
A mountain made of lugnuts
battlefield in the rugged lands, mixed forest
on harsh realm, diamond nugget hands
Cap the prospector, mosquito inside the bookstore
El Capitan, in deep, was how the hooks tore
elbows shoulders and knuckles, I never go back
I never flatter, I never reflect

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Warcloud]
Bats fly in the rain
Jiggy, jiggy, boom, boom, magena, magena, la, la
Welcome to Warclouds pycho,cybernetic
Pychotropocist Island. come again
Jiggy,,jiggy, boom, boom, magena, magena, la, la
Jiggy,,jiggy, boom, boom, magena, magena, la, la