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Testo Mad Axes

[Intro: Warcloud]
Mad axes...
Silver ants and golden beetles, crawlin' throughout my paragraphs
Chief Warcloud, to peel a lemon and share a drag
Wu-Tang Clan, West Coast, so carry torch
Throwin' mad axes, bad apples at dead whores
Throwin' mad axes, bad apples at dead whores

[Chorus x2: Warcloud]
Throwin' mad axes, heavy sawed-off shotty
Old liquid foot, powder foot, chopped up the body
Great Warcloud, who cracked you mighty hard
I watch the children chasin' chickens off in the yard

I crash through the door and motor head through the window
Wit a heavy pistol, Warcloud the Champion
Victory born freedom, the universe can't defeat him
Crash you wit the sea grams, ooh-yah
Chop ya head in half wit the heavy old sword from Old Asia
Sick man amaze ya, dark castle fantasia
Shot you in the early life, throw your arms in the garbage bin
Records will retard the spin, lay my gats on wax
Slit your belly open and stash a hammer in the back
Warcloud don't play Sleepy Horse, clack clack
Slumped on a horse wit a creepy torch and black gats
If one cannot speak wisdom, about his or her culture
Therefore, they cannot deal equality
Barbaric policies, slaughter you in the odyssey
Crack you like a Polly seed, make your organs come out of thee
Shot 'em barefoot in the dark, you was a tyrant
Fiasco pop violent, I smoke jump like a giant
And escape the deep end, my deadly maze of clues
We smoke muthafuckas like Army and Navy news
A hall full of dinosaurs heads, hear the best tune
You were mangled by a mad man inside a wet room
Cut you at the knee wit the shotgun, it's hurtful
You slight blind fish that swim in lazy circles
Gun 'em so swiftly, fired my Smith & Wesson
He tried to escape, but stepped on his own intestine
Throw you in the shredder for pleasure and live to tell
Old war ghost, they cannonball in they well

[Chorus x2]

Sunburst, shotgun, drop son, and scotch run
Down and dirty staircase, clatter like when the cops come
Warcloud, you punk crews, never started
It's like someone took human skins and filled them wit garbage
You'll find your ass back in the dumpster from heavy gats
Baptism of blood, I leave you wit flies and gnats
I stalk wit a sawed-off shotgun and an axe
All wrapped in bandages, coat was long and black
Spark it in the darkness, we rich men and hunchback
Shovel through the portal wit cyber gats for askin'
School of assassins, stashin' your body fragments
Just behind eight big crates we drunk laughin'
Heavy swords, axes and hammers are my brigade
I cut you men down wit the gauge and flip the page
Stumble off the ripple, cuz everyday is New Year's
Sick like the green coyote, I drink a few beers
Lift that brick, grab that gat, painting's in a stack
I bump you and slump you on every track
It's that Warcloud rap, we desperate desperados
Machine junky crunchy wit shots to pop the lotto
Swiggin' dusty bottles, the strongest you sing the longest
Throw you in the hells of hells from markin' zombies
Rap creature land, beware mechanical animals
Warcloud stretchin' in daisies, wit revolvers
Drunk like thieves, take it just like the breeze
Now look at all the clowns there, sleeping up in the trees

[Chorus x2]

It's way past your curfew, I came here to unearth you
Heavy old sword from Jerusalem, splatter juice from them
Red bangle, that's murder stupid men, peep my future pen
Here from the roof, the grim records, poet salute the spin
Cave where I knew you when troops were been, I shoot the lead
And let loose the hand, right close to where the foods were in
Fry ya brain, roots and grits, who'll spin, the scoops of men
Pick a soot suit and then strangle, mangle and slaughter you
Storm dream marauder who meat markets you artists
A large scholastic lesson from butcher college
Tear your gut open, out gasses, liquids and solids
The'll be astonished, how I left the whole place polished
Carry mad knowledge, for those who wrestle wit concepts
Warcloud, outsiders, wanderers and conquerors
Warriors, angry men, war mongers, barbarians
Holy men, crusaders, face huggers and space truckers
Brake fuckers backs, your spines were made of Lego
I laugh like a merchant who teeth were made of Play-Do
Champs and your brought out, I snatched the bitch by them jaw out
Hacksaw your leg, it's evening at the raw house
Warcloud, don't play monologue, pleasure ships
Slumped on a horse wit a tomahawk, and desert mints
Gallop through snowflakes, tent him and catch a rope face
Razor blade tropical snowstorm, that slopes waste
Tatter rappers to form, holy lyrics you torn
Fly like a diamond wing unicorn, beyond the norm'

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Warcloud]
Wu-Tang Clan, West Coast, Killa Beez
Mad axes, mad axes, mad axes
[sample:] "What do you call yourself, politically and how do you define it?"