Fallen Under Testo

Testo Fallen Under

Show me wonders, take me under
Your wings open wide
Slave and hunger, starve and hunt you
Heal me from this leper's life
Save me from crawling in darkness
Save me so blind
Change me from a slave unto monsters
Raise me from this water to wine

I'm fallen under, fallen under
Ooh claim me from a thousand days
Raise me won't ya
Been bathed in blood over you
I'm fallen under, fallen under
Come save me from a thousand flames
A slave to want ya
Been chained to crawl under you

Pull me up from saints of darkness
Breath me back to life
Slave in hostage slain in bondage
Bathe me in your blood back alive
Save me from armies of darkness
Save me so cruel
Un-chain me let me walk on the water
Un-chain me from me dying a fool

There's no soul of nothing inside
No heart beating, bleeding no-thing
Only you can breath me lifeless
See the last I breath
I'm coming home

I'm fallen under you
I'm fallen under you
I'm lost in wonder you
I'm going under you
I'm lost and hunger you
I'm fallen under you