Hero Of The World Testo

Testo Hero Of The World

A storms is on horizon eve
Rising on all it see's
Look up, it's blowing in the night
Time is come and start to run
From all your running from
Woe to those with child to lose your life

In chaos comes your hero
And all the children sing
Superman from a foreign land
Tyranus with an iron hand

Countdown comes to zero
Valley of the Kings
Messiah Man with a better plan
Hero of the world at last

The clock has turned and soon you see
Masses burn and fill the streets
Still we make a lying prophet god
Ooh panic comes and chaos seeds
Sell your freedom for tyranny
Tidal wave is coming better run

Why is it for that we still cannot see
Our lies too much, still we fall
It's all come before but we oh, don't believe
Ooh damned to repeat until we crawl

And still it comes but we won't see
And nothings learned from history
Say a prayer and watch the air tonight
Ooh this tale is old and stories told
One to come o claim the world
Watch aware it might just save your life