Shotgun Testo

Testo Shotgun

When your madman's raised to king
And your starving babies scream
One world, one king you think is your god
And freedoms dead and long gone
A slave in chains don't never change his song
Grab a torch, a pitchfork and get your guns

You gave'em hope and you tied the rope
Dead man's bones don't lie
Shot a beast and I licked my teeth

Tonight, hail the king a shotgun
Tonight, got a rock and roll gun
(Tonight, lock and loading 'my gun)
Shoot if they stand
Shoot if they run
And pray lightning strikes'em
Tonight, it's alright
Hail to the king a shotgun

And you cheered y'alls clown to king
Till your tongue's too numb to scream
Ooh, the promise of tomorrow is long gone
And the whip keeps pounding down now
From the head that wears the crown
The plantations cotton's rotten so long

You swore an oath and you lied the most
Your villain king don't cry
Choose a gun now or lose your sons

And you might pray to the fool you are
Villain kings don't cry
Save your women and save yourself
This ain't no time to cry, tonight

And you might play to the fool you are
Run for your lives
Choose a gun now or lose your son, mama