Slaves Of The New World Order Testo

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Testo Slaves Of The New World Order

Show me the grave new world
You, sold me you slaves of change
Slaves to the new world order
Bound believing in change to chains
Woe is me I stand before you
And part a sea of eternity
Bloody nails, I waited and prayed
But your deceived and laid to waste

Bloody kings and slaves to thunder
Swear to your dying king
Empires and walls of fire fall
Bloody screams and graven wonder
Remember your dying king
New truth to lies claim you all

How long, brother. How long
How long will you slave
How long, mother. How long ya
Bow down crowned in chains

Hold the tail and feel the thunder
Close enough to smell the devil's breath
Between the nails I saved one thief
And ride to hell and lay waste to death
Don't show me no 7 wonders
Don't ya show me no 7 sins
All you are is just dying men
Who preach to other dying men
Bloody kings and burning crosses
Pray to your lying king
Oh how long oh until it falls
Bloody screams and slaves to thunder
Remember your dying king when
New truth to your lies that claim you all

How long, how long
How long till the new world finds you prey
How long, how long
So long to your children sold in chains
How long, how long
Till ya see your New World orphans
Dig your graves