Modern Spectres Testo

Testo Modern Spectres

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Living in the dawning of a century that has long been praised
Scary news on the telly everyday
it looks more like hell´s been raised
Plague and poverty, a dead economy
and the menace of a sick minority
Novel holocaust on a microchip
and there´s more of that to hit you like a pistol grip

Tomorrow´s now but where do we go
where does it end I wanna know...

Hour zero´s come, who´s gonna protect us?
Everywhere you go you find the new spectres
In the city streets and out in all sectors
Face them now - here´s our MODERN SPECTRES

I don´t trust a penny in the world today, this tunnel without light
It´s going down the drain, that´s how it appears to me
the country´s low has no end in sight
Jobs are hard to get, unions seeing red
while the taxes rise that some are getting fed
Don´t you feel the rage and a strong desire
to put them up against a wall,
load, lock and fire...

Tomorrow´s now but what have we got
(... nobody´s safe here anymore)
in this land of flowing tears and blood
(... where all hopes are running dry)
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