Punk Fiction Testo

Testo Punk Fiction

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Into a new age with our sound of rage
Accustomed ways might go but the purpose won´t

Doomsday will come, we´ll still be around
the seed of our cult will not die
it´s a kind of prediction - this ain´t no PUNK FICTION

Down the alleyways shirts for a sell-out price
No more D.I.Y. - bought from C&A

There´s much more behind this fashionpunk-parade
It needs to be opportune, nostalgia´s a movements doom
the spirit will survive, the flame is still alive but the faces change

Sitting in my room at night wild beats hit my mind
Pulsing through my veins, I can´t live without that noise

All trends will die out and we´ll still be around
and hang out in gangs on the street
it´s a kind of prediction - this ain´t no PUNK FICTION
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