Cure & Curse Testo

Testo Cure & Curse

Yes I´d call it a drug, the stuff I really need
... at full volume man it´s pure amphetamine
it´s infectious and I´m hooked on its pulsing beat
... no, I can´t restrain - gotta play it again

It´s tight, it´s true - that´s what I call rock´n´roll
It´s fast, it´s loud - that´s what it´s all about
It feeds my soul, my life for rock´n´roll
but it fills no purse so it´s my CURE & CURSE

It´s like both to me - be it boon or bane
... I´m a slave to it, hell I need that shit
makes my life a mess but keeps me going on and sane
... yes, it´s driving me, gives me energy
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