Pop Pap Crap Testo

Testo Pop Pap Crap

I can´t help swearing, fed up with all the crap on the radio
every channel full of shit, even worse than years ago
meaningless and dull as fuck it doesn´t give no bit to me
what´s become of rock´n´roll and the way it used to be?

You teenie queens and wanna-be´s
made a star for a week or two
You´re only one hit wonders -
bred in some big shot´s middle-class bureau
Are you proud of your success with songs you didn´t even write
It doesn´t matter anyway cos the lyrics - they are shite
And I say...

You - get outta my sight
You - you´re just a fly-by-night
I won´t let go, I wanna spew in yer face
When I see you in your false paradise
I hate the game you play cos...
(I only can despise you)

POP PAP is CRAP - Only kissing doesn´t feed me, honey
POP PAP is CRAP - you´re only in for all the big money
POP PAP is CRAP - Love and kissing doesn´t feed me, honey

Bloody yes, I´m really growing sick of the music of today
Ain´t there any honest bands with some real shit left to say?
Barbie Spears and your consorts - go get some wit
Shut up or just kill yourself, you´re worthless pop pap shit
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