All U Kids Testo

Testo All U Kids

With the kids growing up today there is something going wrong
Sorry kids, but I´ve got the feeling all your rebel spirit´s gone

Cell phone nonstop, fashioned outfit - what´s the trend today?
Do you swallow every bullshit someone feeds you with?
Life´s no PC game...

ALL U KIDS come around
ALL U KIDS it´s real our sound
No more pricks shown on MTV
Come on kids, you got the choice
get a life off your PC tonight
Don´t take no fake
Come on, get things straight

You consume what they serve you with
and don´t query things no more
and adopt a society that is rotten to the core
Don´t you sense there´s a threat out there?
Ain´t there doubts and scorn we share?
I feel like I´m sounding weird but I have to let it out...

Where´s your thoughts of revolution, what is wrong with you?
Do you live on an illusion that you take for true?
Come on kids get up!
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