Leechbath Testo

Testo Leechbath

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Crushed under the weight of their writhing fits
teeth like hooks carve deep within
the heartless
and empty
feeding inside
swallowing what little lights in my life
spineless,the cowards
devoid of all depth
surround me, cling tightly
suck the life from my chest
you scum
you fucks
im buried alive, they crawl around me
blink of an eye, my whole life has been stolen from me
feel them crawl inside my neck,behind my eyes,inside my head
i choke and gasp to catch my breath while bloods coughed out across my chest

i know you know the truth about this fucking song
that nothings fucking over and nothings done
a hate unspoken still burns as hot
nothings forgiven
nothings forgot

because i feel no pain anymore
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