Sphrenia Testo

Testo Sphrenia

Nothing is real
i see their shadows in the day
i hear the voices and they call my name
i know the demon by her eyes
the ice blue daggers stab
i see the liars with no face
they walk beside while they play their games
i know they're laughing at my fate
there is no escaping is what they say
i read the writing the on the wall
they leave their poison for me,its not too far
they lead me further down the hall
the doors are open for me,its not too far


its getting harder just to see what is real,
this fucking nightmare i feel or what she sends when i wake
i cant tell if its my
heart or the hate
im not sure whats ok
are these friends that i see or something crueler for me?
its all her

i cannot see whats left for me
only the horror that comes to haunt the day
i cannot feel whats real in me
just phantom pain for a heart decayed

i will live forever among these mirrored walls
i will pull the curtain from where my tormentor calls
ill stalk the pale faces whose brought me to my knees
ill grasp her thin white neck as she laughs at me
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