Destiny Testo

Testo Destiny

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Today we say goodbye to yesterday.
Today we say hello to tomorrow.
We’ve got that desperation,
Our ears tuned to revelation,
And we know where we’re goin’.
With our heads held high,
Peeps keep on watchin’ us rise,
And we just keep on goin’.

So go ahead and dance ridiculous if you want to,
Yeah, raise your hands please, if you must,
Cause I’ma join you!
We’ve got a real reason to get all crazy like this.
So let your freedom fly,
If you know, you ain’t gonna miss

Your destiny.
Ain’t turning back we’re goin’ higher
Your destiny.
Fixin’ our eyes on the eternal.

Love has a way of taking someone,
Somewhere they never should have gone.
We’ve got determination,
We’re making life declarations,
And we know where we’re goin’.
With our eyes on the prize,
We cut our adversary down to size,
And we just keep on goin’.

We’re gonna fight , gonna fight the good fight
Till the end , ain’t givin’ up, no!
Been chosen for such a time as this,
And I ain’t gonna miss, all I’m livin’ for.
I’ve surrendered my whole heart,
I’ve laid down my whole life,
Just for one…moment to see your face,
To tell you that I love you
And hear you say well done.
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