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And this is a song for those who need hope,
For those who can’t see it, though there’s more than enough
And it’s found in His everlasting love.
This is a song for those who feel weak,
For those who can’t speak.
I’ll be, the words you need.
Just open your heart and agree.

We’re all part of a plan,
We’ve got a purpose.
We’ve got a destiny.
We’re all headed somewhere and were goin’ soon
Cause yeah! We choose to believe.

Halleluiah! Raise the banner high
We’re gonna let the whole world know!
Hosannah! He’s comin’ like fire in the sky
To take His children home.

And this is a song for the broken spirit,
Whose wounds have sealed, yet you still feel it.
The pain is a weapon if you know how to use it.
And this is a song for those who are hated,
For those who have traded all of this world to keep your soul.
You’re goin’ through the fire but you’re comin’ out gold!

And love covers a multitude of sins
It’s why it always wins,
Its mercy never ends.
It’s sooner than we think
We’ve gotta hold fast,
The confession of our faith.
‘Cause everything else, will all fade away,
While love and justice remains, it’ll be ok,
We’ve just got to believe that we’re all a part of the victory,
And we’ve got a reason to sing!
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