Gone, But Not Forgotten Testo

Testo Gone, But Not Forgotten

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
It didn't kill me when you said goodbye,
though it did upon the second try
Music I had never heard before;
opportunity closing the door

Gone, but not forgotten, you're still watching
Sooner than later, there's no failure
Gone, but not forgotten, you're still watching;
just know we'll all be strong

There will be another time when it's all over,
until then I'll find a way to just move forward

Another one is gone before their time,
days after everything was fine
Taking everything that I have learned,
we're all just waiting for our turn

And I don't want to be here crying over everyone,
so keep me busy underneath until I'm done
I never wanted to be crying over anyone,
I'll only be here all alone until I'm done
And I don't want to be here crying over everyone,
when it's my turn then I'll be ready for my setting sun;
when I'm done
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