Trapped Inside Me Testo

Testo Trapped Inside Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm far from the world that's been trapped inside me
Living in the make-believe
Someone pick me up faster than I fell behind

Another night I'm all alone, direction isn't what I know
Somehow, someway, I relive thoughts of yesterday
And my influential voice, telling me I have no choice
Somehow, someway, I'll find the light that leads the way

And now my time is running out, I still don't know what I'm about
Somehow, someway, I still don't know the words to say
Take a ride with me tonight; this isn't home, this can't be right
Goodbye today, I'll soon be on my way

When you've given up all hope, there's nothing left to try
When you're giving up there's nothing left to feel on the inside
When regret is all you've got, you believe it, but it's not
Look outside your window, it's time to let go; we all have the time
So give it up before you fall behind
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