On My Own Testo

Testo On My Own

I can't work this out on my own
I feel that I need you right here by my side,
we'll be just fine; 'till the end of time,
you're all that's on my mind
And if you leave me here on my own,
I feel that I would have to break down
and cry to clear my mind; is this really right?
Our love will never die

And I, I won't feel the same
You're playing my heart like a game,
and I feel ashamed to tell you what I think
I have no time to blink
I'll open my eyes once you're gone; goodbye and so long

I'm on my own now, it won't be long before I drown
So meet me halfway between a smile and a frown
I found you once before,
but I have not given thought to being someone I'm not
and now I'm on my own

I feel so alone on my own
I can't help but think what our love could've been,
but that was then, now this is the end;
it's something I can't mend
I never thought I'd be on my own
I felt that you were just the one for my needs,
but now I see we weren't meant to be;
we'll meet eventually
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