Remember When Testo

Testo Remember When

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
On Monday, I tore the world apart
On Wednesday, I came down really hard
By Friday, it was so clear to see that on Sunday, I'd need you here with me

Remember us hanging after school, the thought of it being me and you
Our friends would laugh and say it's so un-cool
Remember the future looked so bright; we're turning it on to see the light
The start of my day was holding you so tight

But distance seemed to take a turn on things,
and now it's nothing but a dream

Remember the time would seem to stop, and yet I'm thinking,
it's funny now it's happening a lot, so I'll keep drinking
Do you understand what's taking place; you'll never win this race
Days pass and I don't see your face

'Cause distance seemed to take a turn on things,
and now it's nothing but a dream

Once I went off at night and lost all my feeling, would I lie?
I'd gotten in my own way and I saw my hopes fade away, out of sight
If I said there was a time when everything would never break in two
Once again I tell myself it comes around when only I'm with you
What's a lie without the doubt, a simple doubt that nothing will stay true?
If it gets to be that hard, I'll write it off considering I knew
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