Living In The Airwaves Testo

Testo Living In The Airwaves

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
We're all in need of someone to get it right and bust on through that door
And don't forget to trample all the DJ's who make us hit the stores
It's just another wasted hour trying to get the kids to buy the shit that they don't need
And all the while they flood your ears with everything they can to find the next big thing;
it all just sounds the same

We'll tear this highway down, we'll tear it all down
We'll tear this highway down, so let's get started

Woah, woah; turn off the radio
And see what's hiding in your dusty record collection

There's gotta' be a secret in the airwaves that makes us all want more
I thought I heard a message living in the airwaves that we just can't ignore
Another number one just hit being constantly rotated and we'll never hear the end
It's gonna' be the same old song you love to hate,
and after years gone by it all just sounds the same
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