Forever Kinda Something Testo

Testo Forever Kinda Something

She had a carnival smile and blue eyes
Standing against a summer sky
Never felt nothing that felt more right than the way I felt with her
Oh yeah

She was rockin' a Van-Halen tee shirt
With a momma wouldn't like it mini skirt
But I could tell she grew up in church the first time she took my hand
Oh yeah

We had somethin' goin'
We were off and rollin'
We had all summer long to turn it into somethin'
It was such a sweet ride
I'd never been so alive
And I oh I never felt nothin' like that forever kinda something

The day I met her daddy her momma smiled
We had that talk and then we took that drive
And that night we watched the sunrise
From the bed of my ol' truck oh yeah

I wished I could've froze July
But you know you can't stop time
And I couldn't dodge her goodbye
And I couldn't help but cry cause
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