Getaway Chevrolet Testo

Testo Getaway Chevrolet

You been workin' your pretty little fingers to the bone
That boss man over your shoulder's gettin' old
I know you need that nine to five to keep the lights on
But baby punch that clock change your clothes and meet me by the road

Girl I got a get away Chevrolet
Baby heading your way
Throw a dart at a map
Lets hit the highway
It's five o'clock Friday
And I got a get away Chevrolet

Half my paycheck's in the tank and the rest we're gonna blow
When the money runs out we'll run her back home
No need to tell your momma no need to leave a note
Just ponytail your hair and put your cheap shades on

I wanna blow by that county line
I wanna see that three day weekend smile
Go on put your painted toes up on the dash
Let them all wonder if we're ever comin' back
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