Sell Em' Out Of Beer Testo

Testo Sell Em' Out Of Beer

Held up in a hotel
Man I just can't tell
Where the hell I am again
Another town down and when I look around
Looks like I've found a few more friends
I can still taste the whiskey
That almost tried to kill me
Don't need to do that no more
But I'm sure by tonight
I'll be flyin' high
That's what they came here for

I sell 'em out of beer and I sing 'em my songs
I live what I write and they all sing along
I do what I do and I don't get gone
Til I sell 'em out of beer and I sing 'em my songs

Pick up that phone
To get a taste of home
It's been such a long long time
But I'm doin' what I love
So I can't give it up
But you're always on my mind
I better catch some sleep
And maybe try to eat
Can't keep up these hours I keep
But I gotta a job to do
So I keep comin' through
Cause that's what they expect from me
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