Back To The Damn Thing Testo

Testo Back To The Damn Thing

I feel like the ex champ back in the title fight
The young contenders are lookin at me in idol light
Fresh taper, Waves lookin tidal tight
Yea I'm in the buildin like a corey lidal flight
I'm married to the streets, This is my recital right
I got the phantom drop dressed up bridal white
You kno them doors is suicidal right
Sorta like they slit ya wrists wen I try sit ya miss
Nigga picture this, Like a kodak moment
I'm off the bullshit, Bout to go back on it
N I ain't hard to find, Bet ya lo-jack on it
Call it corn row roof, Cause it go back don't it?
I gotta get it now, Ain't no pitchin plan in rappin
Fuck bein friends, Save me the hand dappin
Understand captain, You'll be under land nappin
If you keep thinkin that it can't when it can happen
Ask scarface, Faster than a car chase
At ya grandma's place, Lettin A-R's waste
Sports coupe, Not too much car chase
The trunk look like Desperados guitar case
If you say a thing wrong, I won't let it string long
All I gotta do is push the button like ding-dong
I don't play the back n forth game unless it's ping-pong
Mike Tyson flow, So I ain't in the ring long
Nigga you ain't King Kong, Thinkin that you did shit
You gon have ya man sick, Someone sing his theme song
My nigga Freck plugged me in with this Beijing jon
So hot, She play Alaska with a string thong
Real delicate, I just call her china set
Fendi Fur, Gucci Gators, Guess she like designer pets
She saw a few things that get her vagina wet
SF, G4, N it's not a niners jet
But check the body drop, Baby boy shittin
But it's just sittin, So it's like I made a potty stop
It's like karate chops, We be breakin bricks down
Cocaine tour, I ben through 6 towns
Openin crack is the openin act
Heroin headliner, Stage name china
What you call dat? That's what you call a crack star
I could get the kingpin charge for these rap bars
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