Paperman Testo

Testo Paperman

(feat. Neo Da Matrix)

[Chorus: Neo da Matrix]
They call me paperman, I get that paper man(Man)
His shorty starin homie(Homie), Don't make me take her man(Man)
But I'm just on the low(Low), And you already know(Know)
Ya bitch choosin pimpin, Dats jus the way it go

They call me paperman, Paperman, In that brand new shake sedan
My money stack up so tall, Like New York sky scrapers man
I keep me a fresh taper man, Rich Yung on them bapestas man



[Verse 1: Fabolous]
You be tryin to lock her down, She tryin to escape the man
I pick dat paper up in the mornin, She is like ma paper stand
They say money shapes a man, Keep them squares out ya cirlce
And work ya money nigga just don't let ya money work you

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
I'm a man who blows, Who grant a sew on sneakers made from animal
Even if they don't understand the flow, Bet them hoes understand the dough
Every motherfucker on this planet know, Money keeps the world spinnin
If I pull that spur on in, Ain't no doubt yo girl gon grin
They like my shine(They like my shine)
They like my grind(They like my grind)
I take yo girl, I bring her back ain't like she mine(Ain't like she mine)
Yo hoes to blame(Yo hoes to blame)
You know the game(You know the game)
It's Loso bitch but if you wanna know the name I say

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Fabolous]
Now I dip through strips in a whip on black 22's and chrome on the lip
Don't slip don't trip cause the tips are hollow in this chrome on my hip
I lean so mean so clean that there ain't a stain on these clothes
Hoes run don't stunt, Throw 1's we makin it rain on these hoes
I ride through slow just hide yo hoe, Don't let yo girl see Loso
I think I'm this I think I'm that man I don't think I know so
I let them know we let them go, So please don't play with them boys
She wanna come, Just let her come over and play with them boys

[Chorus x2]
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