Here's Another Hit Testo

Testo Here's Another Hit

[Fabolous: talking]
Ay you know the flow is on steroids this year right
It's Loso just in case you ain't know so
I'm feelin like Arnold in the 70's in here ya know
Real icy, Call me Arnold Frozennigga or sumthin

They say New Yorks got a problem, I'm there solution
I'm the breath of freshness through this air pollution
Dog you the smog that clogged up the city
I jog through ya fog, Dog I'm the diddy
Of this rap marathon, I'm lyrically in great shape
My late tapes are like how to lose weight tapes
The worst enertainers use me like a personal trainer
They try to use my verses as gainer
But these lightweight rappers, Don't know what they up against
I put they pockets on a weight loss supplement
Ya powder sniffin if ya can't see our difference
It's like dumbbell curls compared to powerliftin
The way I pull up in whips, It looks betta than the pull ups and dips
Bein done by the bartender, I mean maybe it's my star spendin
But better get her to that car window
And shorty said her name was carlinda
Dats cool, Now won't you get up in this car linda
Later I could bend ya like a car fender
Have that ass wakin up tomorrow tender
The perfect push-up that make ya pecs swell
I like to purple kush up, And then I exale
Ya gotta breath, 1 and then the 2
I do a couple laps and be runnin it in 2
I'm nutritious, I ain't in GNC
Try the new dishes on the truck from GMC
He in sea, He ain't got to do no dancin
These diamonds are so performance enhancin
I'm princess cut up, Canary them stones
And I'm well known for how I bury em home
I just do my thing, And then I carry em home
I mean the world don't need another Marion Jones ya heard
Cryin lyin that she never did it
Some women are Clemons, They just keep goin with it
Don't sweat it, Be like Pettit just admit it
And for the record they be sayin Barry Bonds hit it get it
We outta here baby, Loso is so outta here baby
Street fam is so outta here baby
And here's another hit barry bonds
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