Ain't Nothin' Wrong Testo

Testo Ain't Nothin' Wrong

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Let all creation dance before Him
Angelic host bow down before Him
Heavens and universe applaud Him
For He is Lord of the dance
He is Lord of the dance and He receives our praises
Let all creation clap their hands
Sons of God and sons of man

Oh my friend, haven't you heard?
In the beginning He just spoke the Word,
Out of nowhere came a world that turns before Him
Round and round it goes
And the fowl, which fly above, embrace the heavens
Singing glory to His name
And the fountains of the deep, when they break,
Sounds just like they're giving Him the praise

So I say to you think of Him and just how good He's been
Cause ain't nothin wrong with a li'l praise every now and then
You oughta lift those hands, do your dance
For the Lord our God inhabits all of the praises
And it goes before his throne
It ascends as a sweet savor and it's for Him alone

We've come to jam for Jesus
We've come to clap our hands and jam for Jesus
We've come to praise Him in the dance like David
We gon' do it like David
Cause we're not ashamed to praise His name

Cause ain't nothin wrong with a li'l praise every now and then
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