Never Change Testo

Testo Never Change

Times change, seasons change, people change their minds
But I know someone who stays the same
Constant in changing times, He'll never change
He remains the same

And though the world should change
He remains unfaltering, immortal and ever true,
Faithful to His word and He never fails to fulfill his promises
And brings to fruition the vision that He places
Within the hearts of men

Secret things belong to God;
Who can know His heart?
Who can find Him out?
In and of His glory, He's quite a mystery
Greatest controversy we've ever seen
Never changing, He is reigning sovereign
None else like Him, one should seek to find Him

As with prophets of old, visions unfold before us
He speaks still, He reveals Himself, He hasn't changed
And He never will, He'll never change
In Him there is no shadow of turning, only faithfulness
And who He was a million years ago,
He was on yesterday and shall ever be

He's Alpha, Omega He's the beginning and He's the ending
(and every episode)
What a sight to behold
Oh, the depth of His person, His creation, manifestation
Who can know?

The heavens of heavens cannot contain Him
Yet He still saw fit to dwell among men
Before his creation, He stands ageless;
Unlike four seasons, He's never changing.
He'll never change
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