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Let's call an end to peace
In shadows we've been kneeling
Open up our wrists to what we know so well.
I brought you here to see our lives
To see the black holes that we've grown
I smile, look to the depths and dive right down tonight!

Not one word,
The night has taken us past reason and we,
Fail to understand
These sources bleed a deeper poison.
Don't you think, that its time
That we turned back from open water and the tide,
The tide that's coming in is far too high?

Do you know the road
Beneath these rooftops we've been thrown
(And know so well)
Do you know the road?
Or even where they go?

My mind is dancing slower now,
The walls close in and hit the ground,
I walk along this tightrope above the hounds of hell.
Tell me again just one more time,
I just shut my eyes ill be just fine.

Disconnected from the times when we really felt alive,
Now it seems,
That failure's far more fitting for my faith...
We can't retreat, that time has past,
But please don't think of me when I leave this place and you,
Keep on over and over again and again and again!
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