Nova Testo

Testo Nova

Don't hold your tongue,
When you hear a name that
Might just make you feel alive again
So walk away in silence,
And don't ever open your eyes again
Just to wonder why

We will always be alone

We will always be alone
Forever searching for away back home
Why the hopes you are sold
Are never realised
And the dreams you were sold,
Have always been denied.

Can you justify your cause
With the audience applause
And learn to see beyond reason
To the ones you once believed
Are buried deep under the sea
Your eyes are free to see again


This is the earth, let it take you away

So lie in your grave
Clutching your pride
Idols for headstones
Decorated by lies
(Let In The Light)
Shadowing the man
That you could not make right
So draw the shades
And let in the light
(Let In The Light)

Searching for away back home
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