Pandemic Solution Testo

Testo Pandemic Solution

I turned on the TV what's on the news today - Warnings and predictions about the coming plague - There's one thing for sure though the rest is rather vague - That there is no vaccination for this specific strain - I opened up the paper and the headline read - Over five billion people might just end up dead - If it crosses over and it starts to spread - It's not a question if - but the question is when - It's not the first time that the epidemic spread - It happened all before and it will happen again - With fifty million dead in nineteen eighteen - That's a drop in the bucket to what you're going to see - Cuz your governments are lying and sorely unprepared - You've the right to be angry - every reason to be scared - Yes the problem is severe and the challenge is immense - There's nothing they can do - no way to prevent - Pandemic Solution - just wait and see - H 5 N 1 - Goodbye Humanity - Angry planet - Nature's terrorist is on the rise and there's no use running - It's her revenge for eco destruction and factory farming - Angry planet - I can't stand it - look at the damage - Caused by this human disease

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