Pro-Nature - Anti-Human Testo

Testo Pro-Nature - Anti-Human

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Sickened by all, what a disgrace - Just look what they've done, they've ruined the place - Poisoned the earth blackened the sky - This is why humanity deserves to die - You may disagree or even ask why - But when you are dead what will you leave behind? - A lifetime of waste piled up high - This is why humanity deserves to die - Consuming more than we need to survive - We'll glutton ourselves till we suck it dry - Wholesale slaughter for comforts we prize - This is why humanity deserves to die - What we take for granted will soon be extinct - That which remains exists on the brink - Hastened along by methods employed - This is why humanity must be destroyed - Pro nature anti human - No respect for what you ruin - Over population equals over pollution - Crimes of speciest genocide - Time to rid the parasite - Maybe this analogy will help you see - Take all of your friends and your family - Locked in a cage pumped full of drugs - Murdered for sport and tortured for fun - Tested for products that you don't need - Thrown in the blender more people to feed - Exploited for profit dissected for greed - How long would it take for you to be?

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