Stealing From You Testo

Testo Stealing From You

You became the clown when you joined the race - Now you got to rush just to keep the pace - The minute you are gone someone took your place - Gone are all the fake friends that you made - Why does everybody mock and shun your name - Cuz you turned your back when you heard them say - Repeated the mistakes that your elders made - Now there all laughing at you anyway - You're really not the person that you portray - Everyone could see right through you anyway - Try to justify the things you said and did - But once your out they don't let you get back in - Should have stayed down - Trying to be something that you're not always fails in the end it's all an act - Trying to get a little more than you got you
lost integrity and respect - And you can't get these things back - Stealing from you - and you gave them the keys - Stealing from me - it affects the whole scene - Steal all they want - now they charge you a fee - Steal all they see - for what used to be free

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