Prove Them Wrong Testo

Testo Prove Them Wrong

We've all been rejected at some point in time - Put down for our views of what's wrong and right - Forced into battles we all have to fight - Because of how we look or choose to live our lives - We've all been alleged of some sort of crime - By those who oppose and those who despise
Kicked down and abused, insulted with lies - Because of how we look or choose to live our lives - Prove them wrong - Prove them wrong - You must remain committed for however long - Do the unexpected - keep them guessing - You must remain united, you must remain strong - Increase the pressure - keep them stressing - Ignorance, stereotypes - Still common place in so many minds - Standards you don't compromise - Hard work and commitment the best way to fight - Morals what's your bottom line - Who do you oppress so that you can survive?

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