Whether Or Not Testo

Testo Whether Or Not

Whether or not you think it's gonna change its not - In fact it stays the same - it's never ever gonna stop! - It's getting to the point of no return - And the faster you go the more fuel that you burn - Whether or not you think it's getting better it's not - In fact it's getting worse - it's getting harder to stop - It's getting to the point that you can't survive - The more that you get, the more it takes to get by - Running out of time - This is your life you better lead it - To learn that wealth is not the secret - Why do you sow if you don't reap it? - Don't forget you can't repeat it - Whether or not you think that your free your not - Taxes, rent, the bills or your job - Telling you when to show, when to go, what to pay - Has it made you a slave do you behave? - Whether or not you think that your right your not - In fact you're the one that's to blame - you really need to just stop - And take a look at your self and your health - And the stress you create when you obsess about wealth - Running out of time to chase your money - to change your life - to say you're sorry - to do what's right - Running out of time - And then you die!

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