Yes I Took Your Boyfriend Testo

Testo Yes I Took Your Boyfriend

Kiely: Yo Adrienne
Adrienne: Huh?
Kiely: I cannot Believe You Took Derrick From Nikki, Why'd You Do it?
Adrienne: Girl, She was playin' him, And you know that a good guy is
so hard to find.
Kiely: Dang what you gonna say to her at school tomorrow?

What you fail to understand,
when you gotta man, you gotta
band all those extra activities,
or he's gonna run to a girl like me,
cuzI'ma fly girl with the time,
be his shoulder when he cries,
ridin' shotgun, and even drive
his brand new benz,
it's too late to cry

I guess i'll start, I'll be his superwoman,
or you can just call me the clean up woman,
tighten up your grip or he'll get taken from ya,
when I take your place, don't say I didn't warn ya

Yes I took your boyfriend, Cuz It seems you didn't want him,
You had that cutie wide open,
So I had to jump right on him,
Yes I took your boyfriend, cuz it seems you didn't want him,
you left that cutie wide open
so I had 2 jump right on him,
Oooh oooh oh

Now you wanna run up all in my face,
callin me this and that don't playa hate,
need to be checkin all yo broads,
chicken heads got you caught up in a whirl,
while you were caught up, I caught him,
It's not his fault, don't be mad at him,
take your loss, go swallow your pride,
he's waiting for me in his new ride



[Hook 2 Repeat 2X]
Girls you betta listen up,
u slip, he dips, I'll pick him up
your loss, my gain,
your pleasure, my pain, your fault,
you've got to pay the cost