As The World Turns Testo

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Testo As The World Turns

Dear Jake
You been letting them drugs take over
Started taking heroin
And now you looking older
See we been close since forever
I know you smarter than this
But you persist to diss
When I tell you that I wish
That you would stop hanging out with yo so called buds
Because them so called buds will never show you no love
Because they taking advantage
Man they know you tryna fit in
When you almost died
Them mothafuckas was just grinning
And taking pictures
And posting them on social media
That dopeman you so close too
He only getting greedier
And every time you see me
You act like I done stole sum
But you known me for 10 years
You know that I don't steal nothin
But every time I'm in your presence
You start to attack
Deep down
You know that ain't really where yo heart is at
I hope you recover soon
I don't wanna lose another
Brother from another mother
To the fuckin gutter

As the world turns around (around and round, and around it goes [x8])

Dear Tanya
I see you sittin up on your porch
With a black eye
Yo man keeps hitting you without feeling remorse
And when I ask about it
You say you fell
Down the stairs
You say you'll gon be aiight
But I can tell that you're lying
Because every night I hear crying
And slappin and screaming and cussin
That alone is horrifying
And plus yall got a 5 year old kid watching it happen
When I see yo man, On tywan's grave we scrappin
And I'ma hurt him
He don't appreciate what he got
A beautiful lady who loves her man without second thought
Nah, He beat yo ass
And goes to fuck his other hoes
A couple days ago
I heard his punk ass break yo nose over stupidness
Tonya You gotta get away from him
He ain't doin nothin but makin the house depressing and grim
Please for me get help for real
Cause I don't wanna hear you and the baby get killed as the world turns around

Dear Listener
I know you hurtin I know your pain
I know your soul is wrapped in chains
You damn near insane
Cause you don't think that no one is here
Now close them eyes Imagine that I'm there by your side
Now shed ya tears
You hide your pain And fake happiness for the crowd
But deep down inside you really screamin out loud
You Mentally dragged down road to the place that's dark
You're Mentally kickin That's why you got razor marks on ya arm
You feel like something done took control of you
That's why you pop pills So you can fill that hole
Where your happiness was
Your friends tryna tell you to stop It
But you can't stop it
The pills you continue to pop it
Your friends see this and they begin to get depressed And so
Are you
Because you feelin like a fucking mess
How do I know about the shit that I told
Cause like you are I've been down that very same road while the world turns around